Design Matters: From Design Consciousness to Design Thinking

Neil Goldberg presenting at UC Berkeley

Neil Goldberg presenting at UC Berkeley

On January 24 SMASHsolar co-founder Neil Goldberg spoke at the new Jacobs Institute at UC Berkeley as part of their Design Field Notes series. Neil is a leading exponent of design-thinking, the powerful innovation framework that is gaining ground across every industrial sector, all around the world. He presented a compelling narrative about the integral nature of design thinking to human development.

Neil has been researching the origins of design thinking; from creative instincts over 3 million years of human evolution to the development of design methods in just the last few decades. 

As co-founder of SMASHsolar he has brought this innovative thinking and practice to the solar industry. "Design is how we give form to our intentions. By design we create a world that is adapted to our humanity," says Neil. "What is exciting about solar is that, at its core, it is a technology that has arisen from design thinking - a fundamental commitment to adapting technology to fit the human need for living in harmony with the natural environment that sustains us."

Neil told the story of a fascinating journey linking the earliest days of human tool-making to today's period of rapid invention. His perspective challenges us to reflect on the intentions underpinning new technology. Humans have adapted the world around us and are now able to implement complex solutions across industries. 

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