Happy 4th of July - A day to celebrate independence & interdependence

American Flag waving.jpg

Happy Birthday, America!  Today, we are celebrating 241 years of independent self-governance.  

But, in this time of hyper-polarization in our country, I suggest that we also celebrate our interdependence.  Though most media reports don't highlight our common values and interconnectedness, ties run deep with our fellow Americans.  We love our country with it's freedoms of speech, of travel and to congregate.  We love our complex cities, our fertile countrysides and wondrous wilderness.  We love our families, we love our kids and hope for the best for both.  We value safety, health and prosperity.  What we fail to see is that we are often dependent on each other to achieve these things we value.  We depend on our friends, our community, local police and our military to keep us safe.  We rely on the grocer, the farmer and the medical professional to keep us healthy.  And we seek to prosper by continually learning new things through librarians, teachers, professors, mentors, fellow team members and journeymen (and women) in our lives.

So on this Fourth of July, let us celebrate both our independence and our interdependence that makes America greater every day.