Designed for Glass

Over the last few years, solar manufacturers have begun offering solar modules constructed with 2 sheets of glass (one front and one back).  This new class of modules are called dual glass modules (or G2G for glass to glass).  The G2G PV modules replace polymer backsheets with glass, increasing mechanical rigidity, increasing lifetime performance and increasing warrantied power output to 30 years.

SMASH has designed a mounting system, called SMASHmount, specifically for G2G PV modules.  We safely and reliably support G2G PV modules from the back using industrial adhesives.

download: Got Glass? A whitepaper on the value of G2G PV.


Designed for Bi-Facial

Another G2G product released by solar manufacturers is the bi-facial PV module which collects solar rays from both the front and the back PV module surfaces.  This increases module production due to the backside boost of 20% depending on the reflective characteristics, or albedo, of the surface on which the bi-facial PV modules are mounted. 

SMASHmount was designed to minimize the mounting to avoid obstructing the backside boost.  

download: SMASHmount - Setting the Standard for G2G mounting

SMASHmount v1 art pic.png

Designed for Quality

We understand that as a module-integrated mounting system, our parts must reliably operate for the life of the module.  In the case of G2G PV modules, that is 30 years.

We partnered with the global leader in engineered plastics, BASF, to select  materials with 30 years of actual field exposure (from the automotive industry).



In addition to material selection, we rigorously tested and re-tested our system.  While many manufacturers consider their UL code testing sufficient.  Not SMASH.  We commissioned long term reliability testing which included the following:

  • UL 2703 certification - passed
  • UL 746C dielectric testing - passed (eliminated equipment grounding requirement for SMASHmount system)
  • Material Creep Testing - by PVEL (per IEC 64xxxx ed. 2) - passed
  • Dynamic Material Testing (DML) - by PVEL (per PVEL specs which dynamically loads modules 1000 cycles at 1440 Pa) - passed
  • Glass Stress Test - by PVEL (per SMASH specifications) - passed

Finally, we commissioned DNV GL Renewables to perform a 3rd party technology assessment, otherwise known as a Bankability Report.  

download: DNV GL Technology Assessment of SMASHmount v1



But product safety qualification is not enough for our solar installer customers.  They are subject to Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) scrutiny of products compliance with building codes.  So, SMASH engaged with Mar Structural Design to verify the code compliance of the SMASHmount system.

download: SMASHmount v1 Code Compliance Report (Summary)